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Why Choose us?

Qualified Teachers and Educators

Our qualified teachers are committed to your child experiencing an Early Childhood environment that is fun, safe and full of learning opportunities. Our teachers have each been carefully selected because they have a passion for fun, creative, heart-centred teaching. 

Every Child Matters

We see every child as an individual who deserves to be recognised for their own unique skills, knowledge and interests. Home-based care and education creates the perfect opportunity for children to grow through planned exploration of their own interests, letting their own unique curiosity be their lead. 


We use Educa to document your child's pre-school experience. This on-line tool means that you get instant access to your child's experiences, outings, photos, development and milestones.  With Educa you can share your child's portfolio with the rest of your family too. Our educators will also document your child’s learning and development in a Learning Journal - a treasured hard copy of their precious preschool years for you to keep and return to again and again.

Confidence In Our Quality

Our service is licensed by the Ministry of Education based on the Home-based Care Regulations 2008. We are also reviewed by The Education Review Office every 2 years and this review will be on our website. Our experienced Programme Coordinators carefully support all of our educators  to use The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whariki in their educational planning.  

Safety Checking

Educators and staff are safety checked based on the ‘Children’s Worker Safety Checking Checklist’ (Vulnerable Child Act 2014).
All educators and staff are police checked, reference checked and carefully interviewed to determine whether or not they are making the right decision to work with pre-school children. 

Current First Aid

All our educators and staff have a current First Aid Certificate and we consider it a priority to help them to keep their certificates valid and up-to-date by covering the costs of all First Aid Training.

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see"

Weekly Programme

We have great weekly programmes for your children


What are people saying about us

"Wow. Not sure where to begin, Rachel is an amazing lady whom I have had the pleasure of working for. She has always understood the different individual needs of the people and children in her business. Rachel has always been really passionate about her work ethics."

"During the past 17 years I have had the pleasure of being a part of an amazing journey in early childhood education, led by a very passionate, warm and caring lady, Rachel. Rachel has such a passion for children, a passion that inspires me as an educator and a passion that comes through in all her business practices. The opportunities and events that Rachel offers are not only for the children in care but us as educators. It is incredible and I am so lucky to have been a part of it."

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