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At the heart of everything we do is the intention to nurture children's natural curiosity, wonder and exploration.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that children grow best in a safe, fun, age appropriate and un-hurried environment.
  • We believe that children develop respect for themselves and the environment when they are given opportunities to explore nature. 
  • We believe that children build self-confidence and a sense of belonging when we nurture and include the whole family in their learning. 
  • We believe that children flourish in a home-based environment which allows for flexibility, spontaneity and opportunities for lots of enriched community involvement.
  • We believe that children thrive when they are celebrated as unique, important individuals and when their own individual interests, abilities and needs are observed and met in a secure, heart-centred environment.
  • We believe that children respond best to respect, passion, patience, empathy and love and we hold these qualities at the heart of everything we do.