Why we do what we do

About us....

At the heart of everything we do is the intention to nurture children’s natural curiosity, wonder and exploration.

The In-Home Childcare Company

Our Kaupapa

Kotahitanga / Aroha / Whanaungatanga

We believe children thrive when they are in an environment where their identity is affirmed and valued and where respectful, open, honest, loving and authentic relationships and partnerships are prioritised.


We believe in children being cared for and educated in a home environment which allows for planned and spontaneous activities, time to be curious, to potter, to wonder, time to learn from each other, to experience the joy of rituals and time for lots of rich community involvement.


We aim to ensure that every person involved with The In-Home Childcare Company fosters empowerment, humility, loyalty, dignity, kindness, respect, passion, patience, empathy and love to whatever they do when working with children, families, educators, whānau and the community we work in.

Rangatiratanga / Ūkaipōtanga

We believe in children being given the opportunity within their pre-school years to learn in an environment where they are kept safe from physical, social and emotional harm, and an environment which is fun, age appropriate, real and un-hurried so they can become curious, competent and confident life-long learners.

Taha Tinana / Wairuatanga

We believe in children being given opportunities for exploration within the natural world to increase their understanding of, and appreciation for nature and conservation, and to develop a deeper relationship with the land/area they are growing up in.

Whanaungatanga / Wairuatanga / Whakapapa / Ūkaipōtanga

We believe in nurturing and including the whole family so that the child grows up in an environment where there is an understanding of who they are, where they come from and what their needs are. This is what supports us to meet and understand whānau aspirations.

Ngā Taonga Tuku Iho

We value every individual for who they are and what they bring. We see every child as a unique individual and we value the importance of children being bought up in an environment which is secure and where all of their curiosities are observed and needs met. We honour the diversity of the heritage, language, identity and culture of all learners.