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We proudly offer you:

  • Full support and 'business in a box' guidance to help you set up your own home-based childcare business.
  • Access to incredible tools and resources that will enable you to thrive in your career as a home-based early childhood educator.
  • Association with our respected, high-quality service, which is licensed by the Ministry of Education and reviewed by The Education Review Office.
  • An Educator Subsidy to support you in running your business from home.
    • Free access to portacots, highchairs and strollers.
    • A full membership to the Toy Library.
    • Free access to Educa – a wonderful portal website for you to use to create, maintain and share individual Child Profile journals.
    • Access to an extensive on-line resource library.
    • Learning Journals to support you in creating memories for children in your care.
    • Free professional development and workshops.
    • Free First Aid training and qualification.


    Do I get to set my own Hourly rate?

    Yes you do, however hourly rates are usually guided by your experience and qualifications and by what you offer in your programme.  Additionally to the hourly rates you receive (paid to you by the parents of the children you care for) you will receive an Educator Subsidy each fortnight from ‘The In-Home Childcare Company’ to support your business. 

    Are there any resources available to me?

    Yes! You will have access to loads of brilliant resources to help you give the children in your care the best start to their learning. We will provide you with full, ongoing membership to the Toy Library as well as 6 month access to a resource library holding highchairs, portacots and strollers.   You will also be able to access the resource section of our Educa website which will be stuffed full of ideas, articles, links and more.

    Will there be opportunity for me to socialise with other educators?

    Oh yes!  We consider this to be a very important part of what we do.  We organise regular social evenings and get-togethers for all our educators.  Getting together with other carers in the local community creates a wonderful support network and it's also a lot of fun!

    What sort of support will I get setting up my business?

    We will have your back until you feel totally comfortable and even then we will help when you need it.

    Are there outings and playgroups for me to go to with the children I look after?

    We have so much going on every week!   There are three regular playgroups where we have stories, nature, music, Little Dribblers and fun socialising as well as monthly outings to fantastic local spots like Te Papa.  You can find out about these events in our newsletters, through your Programme Coordinator or on our Educa portal.

    How do I document the children’s learning?

    We really love for our educators to make the most of Educa - an online resource that lets parents access their children's learning journey.  We supply free access to Educa to all of our educators.  We also encourage the use of Learning Journals which are hardcopy diaries of children's early years.  In our experience these journals can become very treasured collections of milestones and memories - something not to miss.