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Our Programme

Whilst we believe that the home setting provides the absolute best for Early Childhood Care and Education we also recognise the importance of children spending small amounts of time in larger group settings.  For this reason, we do have an exciting and fun programme in our local community.


We run two playgroups per week which always incorporate the magic of storytelling and the wonderful stimulation of music. 
Our playgroups provide Educators with lots of inspiration to provide beautiful and inviting environments.

Wild Things Playgroup

Once a month we meet to explore the outdoors and share in the delight of being in Nature. This is the perfect setting for children to be curious and make many wonderful discoveries. 

Weekly Relaxation

At our Friday playgroup we often finish off with a very special and popular relaxation to support children (and educators) to take time out from their busy morning and to learn the art of 'relaxation'

Science at Playgroup

Having fun, experimenting and learning about Science is a wonderful way to create a sense of curiosity. Our Monthly science sessions at Playgroup are a big favourite and something that many children look forward to.

Pathways to School

We have a Pathways to School programme which we are extemely proud of. When your child is beginning to transition to school we will support them in engaging in our programme, This includes a 'leadership group' and working on a profile book which once completed all children proudly take with them to school 

For more details on our programme you will be able to access our Monthly calendar on Educa.co.nz when you join us and have your own login….