We nurture children’s natural curiosity, wonder and exploration with

Our Programme

Whilst we believe that the home setting provides the absolute best for Early Childhood Care and Education we also recognise the importance of children spending small amounts of time in larger group settings.  For this reason, we do have an exciting and fun programme in our local community.

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Great activities included in our programme


Join other educator groups

Playgroups and Local Community Outings

Relationships are what we value, so we see our weekly playgroups and outings as the perfect opportunity to provide a space to nurture our ongoing relationships with children, educators and families. TIHCC Playgroups are seen as being that little bit ‘Special’ and this is due to the time spent creating an environment which is respectful, beautiful, engaging and fun whilst providing meaningful experiences to encourage curiosity.

We also view our playgroups as an on-going Professional Learning and Development opportunity. The beautiful set-ups offer our Educators and Families ideas and thoughts around how to create environments which fill children with that real sense of desire and irresistible urge to play.

Our Playgroups and Outings also offer many meaningful experiences for children and families to meet some of local HEROES! As a part of our commitment to keeping all children’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing paramount we regularly get to meet with the Animal control/dog safety team, Search and Rescue (USAR), St Johns ambulance, Local Police and our Local Firemen.

Rhythm with Music

Music and Movement

Music and Movement is another part of our Programme which we value and pay a lot of attention to. It is not only great fun, it also stimulates a positive mood and helps children with their developing language. We notice that as our children begin to really engage in our music sessions they not only develop confidence but their creativity and desire to experiment becomes very evident.

We have lots of fun in our music and movement sessions at the end of our regular weekly playgroups. It provides a great opportunity to support children to join in with a larger group, learn about socialising and follow instructions. Alongside our song and dance we enjoy using poi, streamers, scarves, lycra, the parachute, rakau, and a variety of instruments.

Nurturing Language and Literacy


Nurturing a LOVE for books is an important part of what we do! Books are fun, develop language and encourage children to question things and to be CURIOUS. We enjoy  Storytimes at the end of our weekly Playgroups and during many spontaneous opportunities in the homes setting.

We have found that over the years many children have been very excited to engage in our Storytimes and many children have life-long memories and have found their ‘Their Favourite stories’.

Into the wild

Wild Things

Our ‘Wild Things Programme’ is a BIG part of us, it is something we authentically believe in!

Exploring our local natural environment is something you will see woven into our Home, Community and Playgroup programme. We see our natural environment like another ‘Teacher’.

Through this programme our children get lots of opportunity to play without any formal structure, explore, be curious, develop an understanding of conservation, life cycles, ecosystems and experience all things that Papatuanuku offers us.

These experiences back up research that proves this type of play supports children’s wellbeing, mental, physical, social and emotional health.

We run our Wild Things Programme in our local parks and reserves, beaches and bushwalks.

As we WONDER and PONDER It’s just good old fashioned fun!

Get to know the community

Local Group Outings

We believe that spending time in our local community is not only fun and educational for children, it also is the perfect way to support children to build a true sense of belonging and connection to where they live, who they are and where they come from. They will build relationships and get to know other local people and places, this is seen as one of the most integral parts of having a strong sense of emotional wellbeing – Having that trust and sense of belonging in a COMMUNITY

Expand their curiosity

Mad About Science

These science sessions are run at our Friday playgroup. Children can participate in these planned experiments and there is always lots of discussion, hypothesizing, discovering and fun!

With ‘Curiosity’ being something we truly value and nurture in our children, our ‘Mad about Science’ sessions provides many opportunities for children to become curious and inquiring learners.

Experimenting develops awareness of how things work, children learn about how to use scientific tools eg, magnifying glass, microscopes etc, learn scientific concepts and they become able to make predictions and gain knowledge. These science sessions also provide many opportunities for children to work within a group and this supports relationship building, leadership skills and cooperation, just to name a few things!


We are proud to offer a programme where we embrace culture and language. Together we are learning and developing confidence in using Te Reo Maori and New Zealand sign language. Not only are these our official languages of New Zealand but learning languages is fun and great for our brains!

Te Whariki (Our NZ Early Childhood Curriculum) states that “Learner identity is enhanced when children’s home languages and cultures are valued.”

Peace and calm in your child

Practicing Mindfulness

Research has shown that learning to relax and focus the mind, can benefit children in later life in managing stress and mental health. In our busy lives children are often not getting time to relax, tune out, find peace and experience mindful practices.

Our relaxations which we offer at our Playgroups with the children, usually involves them lying on a soft mat, with a chosen cushion and the option of a wheat pack over their eyes. We play or read a story that involves them imagining a place or that they are something. eg, a caterpillar eating, then going into a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly.

In our relaxations we aim to provide a positive and calm end to the morning, give them a space where they can feel safe, relax, unlock their imagination and teach them about the value of quietness, peacefulness and thoughtfulness. To join in with our relaxations is a choice, however we often find we have many children eager to join in!

"Adorn the bird with feathers and it will fly"

E Tipu Group and Transition to school

We believe that the more confident, competent and curious a child is and feels, the better they will cope with the big and exciting transition of moving onto school.

Through the “curriculum of life and learning” our rich programme supports our 4 year olds on their journey towards starting school. We focus on building Key Competencies (New Zealand Curriculum Framework) that support each child to be, and see themselves as a capable, curious, and competent learner. They learn skills that will support them with starting school and being an engaged learner. We also have a fun and engaging Leadership group called “E Tipu” at our playgroups. This group is planned and designed to introduce our older children to a short structured session that focuses on building these skills.  Our transition to school programme and Pathways to School Booklet has been developed with support from local New Entrant Teachers. We will continue to work with these Teachers to further develop this programme so that we can ensure to include the skills and knowledge that they feel best benefit children for the most successful transition to school.