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One of the most vital parts of a young child’s healthy development is the secure attachments that they make with the adults in their lives. Strong secure attachments allow children to grow robust self-esteem and this gives them confidence to explore and, in turn, to learn.

What we offer you and your child

Our Difference

Qualified Teachers and Educators

Carefully chosen, qualified teachers and educators who are committed to your child's learning and development through providing fun learning opportunities which encourage children to become confident, competent and curious life-long learners.

Your Child is an Individual

A programme planned specifically for your child, based on their own individual and unique interests. All of our planning incorporates the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki.

Online Portal

Direct, personal access to your child’s documented milestones, development and learning through the on-line portfolio Educa.

Licensed by the Ministry of Education

Confidence in our high quality service, which is licensed by the Ministry of Education and reviewed by The Education Review Office.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing that all of our educators and staff have current First Aid Certificates and have been safety checked using the ‘Children’s Worker Safety Checking Checklist’ – (Children's Act 2014)


Access to WINZ subsidies and 20 hours ECE subsidy.


Weekly playgroups and outings in the local community for educators and families.

Free Workshops

Free workshops for educators and families.

Toy Library

Full, free membership to our Resource Library for your educator.

Central to The In-Home Childcare Company

Our Programme

Whilst we believe that the home setting provides the absolute best for Early Childhood Care and Education we also recognise the importance of children spending small amounts of time in larger group settings. For this reason, we do have an exciting and fun programme in our local community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most vital parts of a young child’s healthy development is the secure attachments that they make with the adults in their lives. Strong secure attachments allow children to grow robust self-esteem and this gives them confidence to explore and, in turn, to learn. Children in home-based early childhood educational environments have opportunities to develop these strong, secure bonds with their educators, which is why we are such committed advocates of this type of care. We understand that all family situations are unique and we are very happy to come and talk to you, to share what we know and help you to make the right decision for your child and your family.
We provide preschool care and education for children aged from birth to five years.

You do. You know best the type of educator who is going to suit your family and your child. For your peace of mind all of our educators have been thoroughly safety checked based on the ‘Children’s Worker Safety Checklist’ this is a part of the Children’s Action Plan (Children’s Act 2014). This checklist includes a rigourous interview process, as well as police and reference checks. All homes where care is carried out have met or exceeded the safety requirements of the Ministry of Education before we recommend you to them..

Our homes meet or exceed the requirements of the Ministry of Education. We are licensed to operate under the Ministry of Education Licensing Criteria for Home-based Education and Care Services 2008. The In-Home Childcare Company is reviewed by the Education Review Office every three years and this report is made available on request. All our Programme Coordinators are qualified early childhood teachers.

As a service we receive funding from the Ministry of Education to provide Home-Based Education and Care.  If you would like to access the amount and details of the expenditure of this funding please contact our local office.

We believe that children engage best in learning and exploration if they are offered opportunities based on their own unique interests and needs. Because our home-based educators work with very small groups of children they have the ability to pay close attention to each child’s interests and then to plan experiences which warmly nurture their curiosity and learning.

Our programme follows the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whariki. This document supports us to plan a holistic individual programme for each child.

We use Educa On-line Portfolios and Learning Journals to document all areas of learning and development and also to capture special moments. As parents, you have full access to these documents.

Our programme is home-based, but that doesn’t mean we don’t explore outside of the home. Our programme offers fantastic, fun community events and local outings which, importantly, allows children to feel part of the broader community and experience socialising in larger groups for short periods of time.

Keeping parents in the loop about their child’s days is an absolute priority for us and we use a few tools to make this process as simple, thorough and as accessible as possible. Educa is an online platform where your educator will record and preserve your child’s progress, achievements and memorable moments. This portfolio, which is fully accessible to you, will give you a lovely glimpse into your child’s learning journey. Your educator will also create and develop a hard copy Child Learning Journal to record special moments – in our experience these become treasured chronicles of children’s early years.

We are also firm believers in real time, face to face communication – with this in mind, your educator will let you know about your child’s day when you pick them up. They will also follow any instructions you have given them regarding medications, sleep or food for your child. Educators keep Daily Records of sleeping, eating and toileting and anything else specific to your child.

Your Programme Coordinator will contact you monthly to update you with the progress they’ve noticed at visits and playgroup sessions. They are also available to you by phone, e-mail or text during office hours.

We send out regular newsletters to inform you about upcoming events and outings, to share play ideas and parenting support and to table any policies we are reviewing and would like feedback on,. These newsletters are also published on our Educa website.

Absolutely! We encourage our educators to participate in groups and community-based activities wherever possible. This helps your child gain a sense of belonging to the wider community and is a documented part of our programme. We have two weekly playgroups which offer excellent opportunities for mental, social, emotional and physical stimulation. We also offer a monthly Wild Things playgroup and monthly science workshop for all our children. Our programme includes tons of exciting outings to experience things such as the fire station, Te Papa, The Dowse Museum, train rides and much much more. Your child will interact with their peers, make new friends and try new things.
Yes, of course. You are able to visit your child anytime while in our care.
Yes, you are most welcome to continue to breastfeed your child while they are in childcare and we are happy to work with you to make this possible.

Yes, we recommend settling and transition visits prior to commencement of childcare.  During these visits you are required to stay with your child.

We will do our best to provide you with an alternative educator should you require one. If you choose not to have an alternative educator you will not be charged for the time your educator is unable to offer childcare.

Our educator team at The In-Home Childcare Company

Our Educators


20 Hours ECE Subsidy and WINZ Childcare Subsidy

All children aged three and over are eligible to receive our 20 hours ECE Subsidy. WINZ Childcare Subsidy - you may be entitled to a WINZ Childcare Subsidy. To find out please call our office on 0800 846 9628 or email Alternatively you can ring your local WINZ office to discuss your individual situation The amount of help you get depends on the number of children in your family and the amount of income you have. Parents in work or training (or in some other circumstances) can get up to 50 hours a week in Childcare Subsidy.